Bike Desk

The FitDesk® Bike Desk is a lightweight folding exercise bike-desk that is perfect for improving cardiovascular health while working, studying, gaming or even watching tv.



Desk features non slip surface, easy access storage drawer, and massage roller, upper body supports positioned to make typing while exercising comfortable.

Desk, seat-back and extension are all adjustable to accommodate multiple users.

Quick-lock folding frame is great for easy transport and storage.

This is the Exercise bike you will actually use.

See our Desk Extension Kit and Universal Saddle Adapter and more under accessories


  • User height: 4’10” to 6’6"
  • 16” x 19” desk surface
  • 16” x 28” footprint
  • Product weight: 47lbs.


The main Bike Desk features

image description
image description
Massage Roller

Provides relief from daily typing strain

image description
Comfortable & Quality Seat

A seat you will enjoy sitting on!

Adjustable Lean

For a further “back lean” ride or a “forward lean” ride

image description
Upper Body Workout

Convenient resistance bands encourages daily upper body exercise

image description
Sliding Desk

Lets your hands fall exactly where they feel natural

Performance Meter

Digital resistance meter tracks mileage, calories, time

image description
Storage Drawer

Holds small items such as pens, phones, ear buds

image description
Easy Storage

Folds and locks for easy storage, wheels for easy transport


Extended your FitDesk

Benefit From Light Exercise

Early studies are showing the powerful benefits of adding light exercise to your day. Whether at work, school, studying, or at home using the Bike Desk will help you feel, focus, and retain better.

Quality Built
(Including the Seat!)

From the frame to the seat, the Bike Desk has been carefully designed to be comfortable AND durable. We wanted to make sure it will be an exercise desk that you will actually use! Built with All metal construction gear box for commercial and institutional use and years of service.

Whisper Quiet

With FitDesk's whisper quiet mechanics you don't have to worry about being a distraction to others. The sound will not interfere with phone calls, meetings, or even a classroom lecture.
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