Tabletop Standing Desk #2020

A portable, height adjustable accessory that converts any desk or table surface into a standing workstation.



Sitting behind a desk all day will become a thing of the past when you convert your desk into a therapeutic standing work station with the FitDesk® Tabletop Standing Desk! This portable, height adjustable accessory converts any desk or table surface into a standing workstation. Ergonomically designed arm rests double as massage rollers to relieve forearm strain during typing and computer use. Perfect for a cost-effective and space-saving standing desk solution for the office or home.


  • 22” x 18“ x 8” carton dimensions
  • Product weight: 12lbs.
  • Height adjustable desk for Standing or Sitting use--adjusts approx. 11" to 20" off of surface


The main Tabletop Standing Desk features


Extended your FitDesk

Helps Fight Sitting Desease

A key contributor to obesity is a sedentary lifestyle brought on by increased time sitting in front of the computer. Using our Tabletop Standing Desk will reduce the amount of time you sit everyday.

Great for Work, School, and Home

The size and portability of our Tabletop Standing Desk make it an easy addition to any desk at work, in the classroom, and at home. It even works great when sitting on the couch.

Works with Under Desk Elliptical

Pair the Tabletop Standing Desk with our Under Desk Elliptical to create a standing elliptical machine right at your workstation. Be productive and improve your health at the same time!
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